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What are the Isomers of Butane?

Butane (C4H10) has two structural isomers.

Isomer 1 is the straight chain normal structure for butane
(called n-butane).
n-butane - Isomer of Butane Structural Formula

Isomer 2 (called 2-methylpropane) is a different structure
with a branched chain which has a carbon* atom
joined onto three other carbon atoms.
2-methylpropane - Isomer of Butane Structural Formula

The two isomers are different compounds
with different boiling points.

Note that for both isomers,
each carbon atom has four bonds (valency 4),
and each hydrogen atom has one bond (valency 1).
Valency is the combining power of an atom. You
cannot change the number of bonds which each atom has.

Changing the shape of the molecule does not
produce a different isomer. See the isomers of pentane.

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