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The Reaction of Ethanoic Acid with Alcohols to make Esters.

Ethanoic acid will react with alcohols in the presence of
concentrated sulfuric acid, to form esters.
Concentrated sulfuric acid
is a catalyst for this reaction.

methanol  +  ethanoic acid  arrow  methyl ethanoate  +  water.
CH3OH(aq) +  CH3CO2H(aq)  arrow    CH3CO2CH3(aq) +  H2O(l)

The structure of methyl ethanoate.
methyl ethanoate ester


ethanol    +   ethanoic acid    arrow  ethyl ethanoate  +  water.
C2H5OH(aq)  +  CH3CO2H(aq)  arrow  CH3CO2C2H5(aq) +  H2O(l)

The structure of ethyl ethanoate.
ethyl ethanoate ester


propanol   +  ethanoic acid    arrow  propyl ethanoate  +  water.
C3H7OH(aq)  +  CH3CO2H(aq)  arrow  CH3CO2C3H7(aq)  +  H2O(l)

The structure of propyl ethanoate.
propyl ethanoate ester


butanol    +   ethanoic acid     arrow    butyl ethanoate   +   water.
C4H9OH(aq) + CH3CO2H(aq)    arrow    CH3CO2C4H9(aq)  +  H2O(l)

The structure of butyl ethanoate.
butyl ethanoate ester

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