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Polymers - Poly(ethenol) - PVOH - Polyvinyl Alcohol.

What is Poly(ethenol)?

Poly(ethenol) is also called polyvinyl alcohol or PVOH.
It is sometimes called PVA but this also
stands for poly(vinyl acetate) so it is best to use PVOH.

Poly(ethenol) has the repeat unit shown below

Poly(ethenol) repeat unit PVOH

What are the Uses of Poly(ethenol)?

Poly(ethenol) can be used to make plastic bags
that dissolve in water. These bags are used for
hospital laundry where the bag can be safely handled to
avoid contact with the contents which may be infected.
The bag dissolves in the water and the laundry gets washed.

Poly(ethenol) can also be used to make slime.

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