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The Solar System

The Planets - Venus.

Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun.

The information below is included to let you know
a little more about the planets in our solar system.
You will not be expected to remember this information for the exam.

Venus spins on its axis very slowly compared to the Earth,
making one complete turn in about 243 days.
Since its orbit time is only 226 days,
Venus turns less than once during one orbit.

Unlike Mercury, the surface temperature of Venus is fairly constant.
Venus is the hottest planet at about 460°C.
The very high and constant temperature is due to an atmosphere
of carbon dioxide
, which produces a large greenhouse effect
(see the GCSE Chemistry site).

Venus is the brightest of the planets. It can be
seen shortly before Sunrise and shortly after Sunset.
Of all the objects in the sky,
only the Sun and the Moon are brighter.

Venus has no moons.
(see Summary for further information).

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