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The Solar System

The Planets - Mars.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun.

The information below is included to let you know
a little more about the planets in our solar system.
You will not be expected to remember this information for the exam.

Mars spins on its axis at about the same speed as the Earth.
The surface temperature of Mars varies between 20°C and -9

Mars has an atmosphere of carbon dioxide but it is very thin,
with a pressure of only 100th that of Earth's atmosphere.

Mars can be seen in the night sky as an orange/red point of light.
Through a telescope, large polar ice caps are visible.

Mars has two moons, called Deimos and Phobos.
The moons are very small,
and may have been asteroids which were captured
by the gravitational field of Mars.

(see Summary for further information).

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