GCSE Physics 2015
Revision Quizzes

Below is a full list of all
physics quizzes in alphabetical order.


Acceleration - Speed - Velocity

Alpha Particles - Beta Particles - Gamma Rays

Big bang - Red-Shift - Universe

Cancer - Smoke Alarm - Thickness Control - Tracer

Carbon Dating - Detection - Half-Life

Circuit Breaker - Electromagnetism - Motor

Comets - The Moon - Satellites

Conduction - Convection - Radiation

Current - Power - Voltage

Detection of Radioactivity (see Carbon Dating)

Diode - LDR - Resistance - Thermistor

Earthquakes - Plate Tectonics

Efficiency - Insulation

Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetism (see Circuit Breaker)

Electrostatic Charge

Energy - Kinetic - Potential - Power

Energy Resources - Power Stations

Fission - Nuclear Power - Rutherford

Force - Gravity - Mass - Weight

Friction - Motion - Stopping Distance

Galaxies - Stars

Gamma Rays (see Alpha Particles)

Generator - Transformer

Gravity (see Force)

Half-Life (see Carbon Dating)

Insulation (see Efficiency)

Kinetic Energy (see Energy)

LDR  (see Diode)



Longitudinal - Transverse - Waves


Mass (see Force)


Moon (see Comets)

Motion (see Friction)

Motor (see Circuit Breaker)

Nuclear Power (see Fission)

Nucleus - Isotope

Planets - Solar System

Plate Tectonics (see Earthquakes)

Potential Energy (see Energy)

Power - Electrical (see Current)

Power - Energy (see Energy)

Power - Nuclear (see Fission)

Radiation (see Conduction)

Red-Shift (see Big Bang)

Resistance - Resistor (see Diode)

Rutherford (see Fission)

Satellites (see Comets)

Smoke Alarm (see Cancer)

Solar System (see Planets)


Speed (see Acceleration)

Stars (see Galaxies)

Stopping Distance (see Friction)

Tracer - Thickness Control (see Cancer)

Transformer (see Generator)

Transverse (see Longitudinal)

Velocity (see Acceleration)

Voltage (see Current)

Universe (see Big Bang)

Waves (see Longitudinal)

Weight (see Force)


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